Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers. ~Charles W. Eliot

Friday, January 14, 2011

Come by and meet author E. Lockhart on January 18!

I am quite excited to report that this blog is a scheduled stop on a blog tour next week. A blog tour is the the social media answer to the traditional author tour. Authors can make the rounds at multiple blogs when they have a new book to promote. In this case, Emily Lockhart will be "stopping by" for a Q and A about her new book, Real Live Boyfriends, the fourth of her books to feature troubled teen Ruby Oliver. Emily's answers to my questions will be posted at night on January 17 and available for your reading pleasure on January 18. Should be fun!

I am happy to have Emily come visit for a few reasons. First is the book itself which, quite honestly, made me laugh, cry and re-live teenage angst. Ms. Lockhart is a good and smart writer but it's more than that. She truly gets into the heads of teenagers. Parents of teenagers should read her books. We're all searching for ways to most effectively connect with our teens and help them through the rough times - friends, first kisses, changes - and getting into the head of Ruby Oliver is a great start. Ruby is self-deprecating to the point of self-loathing. She's just a little bit crazy and very genuine. I enjoyed reading this book. I was grateful catch a glimpse into the angst of a teenager who is an extreme version of so many teenage girls and I appreciated the opportunity to ride along on her path of self discovery, self reflection and cure. In addition to all this, I am intrigued by the author herself who is part of a cadre of fabulous writers who live in Brooklyn, write for young adults and hang out together writing and drinking coffee. I have met some of these authors before and they happen to be among the coolest and sharpest people I've ever met. On top of that, they've unlocked some of the mysteries of adolescence, which can only help those going through it, and, for that alone, they are my heroes.

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